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Nathan Cornett


I am currently a graduate student at East Carolina University. My wife and I moved to North Carolina from New York in 2014, where we had been living for one year. Before going back to graduate school, I was a high school special education teacher. My wife, Jeanne, currently works in a hair salon as a stylist/hair braider.

I met my wife in Burkina Faso, West Africa in 2011; I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina from 2010-2012. Jeanne and I quickly fell in love, and I purposed to her before returning to New York in 2012. Ten months later we were reunited, and we married shortly thereafter.

Jeanne is an incredible person, and I love her because of her strength and perseverance. She wants to share her story. She wants young women around the world to know that there is nothing you cannot overcome.

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