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Hello,moviepitcher team, my name is Cindy Lee Ivey and I am author of "Black And Gold" The True Story Of A Paranoid Schizophrenic.The billing information above says Default but I have a print out of a receipt: Transaction#8499622772559335R.I am 99%better with medication but I live on SSI in the high price area of San Diego. I do not have my own computer or smart phone. I use a PC in the ICan program at the San Diego downtown library, a program for the disabled.So please bare with me if I don't even know how to put my profile picture in my facebook ID.I will try to get some help from a service librarian and update you on that later.I live in a sober-living home and I have been clean and sober for almost 9 years,Ido not smoke cigaretts any longer.
I have nothing in my life to stop me from fulfilling my dream of co-directing a movie of my book "Black And Gold"And who says there can not be an animaterd version. People would talk about it Iknow who I would like to play me and the musical score I would choose.
I'm presentable ,cooperative and willinng to execute my abliity to make this movie exact and true as it really happened. I have been pitching myself to for about 6 months now to go on the show and take a lie-detector test to prove the truth of 'Black And Gold" I believe his producers may have a segment for me.Look into dorrancebookstore@dorrancepublishing for an e-book version if you like, or Iwill mail you one myself gratis, pronto. It is Feb.21,2015 Sincerely, Cindy Lee Ivey

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