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I'm 20 years old,I live with my parents right now but I'm going to live with my best friend sometime this year, well i have no experience in the movie industry. I've been working on my script for the last 3 years and it took only one person to push me to not give up writing my script, I made a soundtrack for the movie and I also picked out the cast for the movie as well. I'm always determined to do something no matter if it's impossible or hard to do I'll always find a way to do it, I'm stubborn when it comes to stuff that i put my heart and soul into it. I want to be in the movie industry because I've seen a lot of movies that were good up until the very end and i just see that movies now and days are not as good as they were in the nineties and early to mid 2000's because the plot isn't as good as it was back then, and i want to change the movie industry by proving that there are still good movies being made and good script writing and plot are still being made and i want to be that person and i believe that the script that i made and future scripts that I'll make will be a lot better than the movies that are being made now. My movies will be worth being in theaters, worth spending the money to develop them, worth putting the soundtrack together and the cast will be really great because i pick the people who i think will do great in that part.

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