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Chidi Ezeibieli


I'm Chidi Ezeibieli. And I'm in love with the world around me, especially my country Nigeria, because it continuously fuels my passion to create and deliver a formidable story of African origin, and of course with international appeal.

I started out writing poems. And I've placed in a couple of screenwriting contests.

My Screenwriting Degrees and Education includes:
Graduate - Write a Showcase Script (a certificate program of four courses) - presented by Dave Trottier - November, 2012
10 Week Professional Rewrite Class - presented by Hal Croasmun of - November, 2014 – January, 2015
Writing Great Endings, Advanced Dialogue and Subtext Skills Class - presented by Hal Croasmun of - 2014
How to Write Sparkling Dialogue - a Webinar presented by Karl Iglesias - April, 2014
The First 15 Pages Tarantino Style - a Webinar presented by Tom Benedek - March, 2015
And many other Webinars which include - From Premise to the Page, 10 Steps to a Killer Pilot, Connecting with Characters, The Concept Script, Logline Master Class etc.

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  Current Location: Nigeria

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