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Goran Zganec


I'm Goran,from Croatia, I'm chasing my dream to become proffesional soccer player on all kind of ways. I'm very persistent person, never gives up and lose hope. I believe I have god imagination for making new ideas and plus, money to me means a lot, because I can't achieve my dream and go on places without money to try find every small opportunity for my dream. Because of bad situation in my country I went work on ship hoping to find someone who can help me with my dreams. Soccer is my life passion and I spend-dedicated whole my life educate myself about soccer. Training and learning whole my life about that beautiful sport. My life is fighting through bad luck to my dream. Many times I was so close to my dream but end never finish good for me,unfortunately.
I desperate need money and plus I really believe that some of my movie ideas can pass really good. Untill now I pitch only one,because I need save money for other ideas, if I will ever pitch them.

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