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The underpinnings for the character Jack Schmidt perhaps grew out of my having been born and raised in New York, where residents are often loud and outspoken. It was in this brash and flamboyant environment that I learned the power of the jarring one-liner, which often cuts recipients to the quick and leaves them speechless. It is also perhaps why I became a writer.

In 1980, I moved to Los Angeles. I eventually opened a Photo Studio in Hollywood, CA, which catered to aspiring and established actors and actresses. My greatest contribution to the L.A. Scene was that I became the 'go to' photo location for actors having difficulty portraying emotion in a still image. As a photographer, it remains one of my trademarks.

I currently live in Palm Springs, CA, not far from the hustle of L.A., which beckons me. With You Don't Know Jack, I hope to be part of the Entertainment Scene in a more substantial way. For more information, please go to

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