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I have been working in several career options which cause me to have different Ideas an opinions in the work force,
I have always been into the entertainment industry since I was a little girl I would sing on the old fashioned cameras an pretend to be a superstar one day, that was my dream, I have always enjoyed writing poetry at around age 7 even adult hood, I would write the most deepest poems to come from a child my grandma always told me encouragingly.
I also wrote my first screenplay at 15 years old, I have always had a heart for writing songs, poems and creative Ideas I have always wanted my ideas to be published acknowledge as well as successful.
I have always had a concept of to keep hope alive and never give up there is a golden ticket at the end of the path for everyone who try there best keep a positive mind an outlook on things you never no what miracle will arrive if you never give up, I believe life is what you put out into the universe if you put out trust, kindness and a good oral you will get it back to you in one round big circle, You have to reach as hard as you can to change an to complete your destiny your purpose to live can be an incredible impact on someone else one day to explore some parts of your path you have chosen that was intelligent thinking.
Another great thing about me I am a big huge movie fan I see myself having one of my most adventures from watching a A list movie, I just love a Action movie with full suspense that will keep me jumping of my seat waiting to see what will happen next, Yes it is always a delightful thrill.

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