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Hello. My name is EJ and I'm a RHOA (real housewife of Arizona). Happily married, my husband, John, and I have a blended family - two purebreds and two rescues - four small dogs who track my every movement. That's Giovanni, our little Maltese, in my Profile Picture.

I recently retired from the non-profit industry where I helped to secure funding for agencies that serve the needs of the abandoned, abused and neglected children here in Arizona.

My love of movies stems back to my original love of books. Born with a damaged heart, I was never able to fully participate in a lot of physical activities so books quickly became a way for me to experience things I couldn't experience for myself. For as far back as I can remember, whenever I read a great book I would visualize the characters and scenes as they played out across the pages. I imagined putting myself on the sidelines - silently watching as the plot unfolds. Movies, on the other hand offered up a different type of escape. For two hours I am blissfully absorbed by what I'm experiencing on the screen. Movies are a feast for the senses. In movies, everyday people can achieve the impossible and the good guy usually wins. And for those few precious moments, the realities of life are held at bay.

"A good film is like good therapy; a great film is cathartic".

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