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When I first thought of trying this website, I figured it was pretty much a scam. But, I thought it's only $100 I'm risking, so I tried it. I expected the first response to be a: "Wow! What a brilliant idea... please send us more money!" But that isn't what happened. Instead, I received a well thought out, critical, but supportive review of my idea and no request for extra money to push my project forward. Then I received a: "We're pitching your idea." email. Exactly as they said they would do.

I then noticed that their success stories page is kind of suspicious, so I googled all the people and found no trace of them or any mention of any movie idea purchased (surely one would have blabbed to the media that they've sold a movie idea... I would!). The big success story also caught my attention as the production company that was "undertaking" the project had the same name as the project (with LLC added) as if the project was being self produced.

So, I figured maybe it's not so much a direct scam, but rather just a service located somewhere in Europe (anywhere but Hollywood) I gathered from most of the subscribers being international, that has very little connection with Hollywood. I received another: "We're pitching your idea" email recently, so I'm assuming that my idea will continue to be pitched until my "active ticket" runs out, at which time I will be approached with the offer of a discounted ticket to keep my idea in circulation.

Well, it was only $100, and even though I don't think anything will come of it, it was worth a try. I'm writing this before my pitch package expires because I'm sure that after it does, I wouldn't be allowed access to do so. I sort of think there's a chance that it will be taken down or deleted.

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