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Darya Zakoutaewa


I am a stay at home mom and getting my business started. I make natural skin and body care because I believe since the skin is one big organ, we should only nourish it with natural ingredients only. I have played tennis all my life, my fathers dream was for me to be tennis champion but life took a different course. I love to write, make up stories in my journals and I recently started writing a personal blog, , in hopes to help other people struggling with depression and telling them my story. I do not have many followers, only 4 but I am very proud of it, I mainly use it as a way to express my thoughts. My blog is more for me, rather others. I do not have any professional writing experience however it is a hobby. I love all arts in general. I am a big fan of music, painting and seeing other peoples expression of art. My childhood was rocky but since now I am an adult and have a marvelous family of my own, I am trying to make best for us.

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