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I have been a citizen of Boise, Idaho since July 12, 2004. I have been a vegan since June 2013. I’m the son of a man who currently teaches computer science at Boise State University, and a deceased woman who had experience as a librarian. I’m a part-time employee in Downtown Boise’s own YMCA (since July 2005) and I’m one of BSU’s singers, the University Singers (since September 2004).
I even have that Christmas spirit no one sees these days!
I have been a movie/cartoon connoisseur since I don’t remember when. I can be a regular iPod and Master of Ceremonies; voices, singing (baritone) and I’ve done some performances posted on YouTube. Of all entertainment on Earth, the ones I’m NOT that into is horror, black humor, raunchy humor, metal music, heavy metal music, heavy rock music, stuff like that.
I am currently a client to nothing that involves show business, but independence and vocational rehabilitation, so I’m not currently the most independent man when it comes to certain adult situations. I do, however, have a good number of years onstage dating back to middle school; solo acts, groups, the works. Robin Williams became my first role model on voices, even though his career wasn’t solely about that. May he rest in peace!

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