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My name is Justin Lee and I joined the Navy when I was 19 to leave the small town of Van, Texas. In high school I developed a love for creating stories and writing out different things happening in my own life. My teachers talked about my short stories as they thought they would be great ideas for movies or T.V. series. My family however let me know a break through in Hollywood writing short stories for movies would be impossible but a good dream. So with that view as support I joined the Navy. Unfortunately my experience in the service has not been good do to the bad leadership. I stumbled across this site and decided to see if I still have what it takes to capture someone into thinking my ideas would in fact be a great movie or T.V. series.

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  A Glimpse Of Life
Biography / Drama / Adventure  
  Beyond The Walls
Adventure / Drama / Fantasy  
  Where Is My Home?
Comedy / Adventure / Family  
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Mystery / Thriller / Crime  

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