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Nazir Watts


Always been a big fan of movies and great story telling as a whole. I realized I had a knack for coming up with a lot of ideas and stories fairly quickly just from looking at objects or scenery. I've produced many college projects and wrote a few short films in an effort to really hone my craft. I've competed in the 24 hr. Washington D.C. film festival for a project I wrote called "Letter in Eden" and held a showing of a student feature film at George Mason University for a project I co-starred in called "Smoke and Mirrors" with a audience of over 100 at the premier. I was P.A. on a few projects out in Los Angeles as well. I enjoy writing comedy. I feel that is one of my strongest assets. Links to some of my work, a mix of acting, producer, writing, and directing.
I’ve also worked as an IT\Facilities Coordinator for Ovation TV in Santa Monica and a Tech Support Specialists for The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences in Beverly Hills.

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  Let’s Kill 4 Fun
Comedy / Adventure / Crime  
  African American Studies
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