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Hello, My name is Anthony Wilson. I am 28 and I live in Morecambe UK. I currently work your everyday 9 to 5 job or 8 to 4:30 to be specific. I have always loved TV and movies and throughout school my main interest was drama. For a long time I had wanted to try to write something for the screen, my first interest was comedy but while writing a script I realised I had so many ideas for different genres I was struggling. My mind processes a lot of ideas and at pretty random times. Without sounding disrespectful I know myself that I do not belong in an 'ordinary' job and that somewhere down the line I am meant to be involved in movies and TV. Whether it be writing or throwing my ideas in somewhere. Coming across this website excites me in what could possibly happen next. Of course I can't predict what that will be but I am certain I won't stop until I make a success in this area. Thankyou for reading :)

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