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"Nothing worth doing is ever easy."

Hello, My name is Jesse Wolfe and I am a recent college graduate that has a passion for telling stories. I have always had a wild imagination and it was this imagination that helped get me through the hard times as a kid. I grew up poor in a housing project on the edge of Long Island City determined to make a name for myself. School wasn't a cake walk either, being bullied all the time made it hard for me to make friends and made life tough in general but that never stopped me from dreaming. I stayed away from all the bad elements that such a life brings hoping to one day move to a better area, which I have. I can only hope the works I will be bringing you will be entertaining enough to help you escape the stresses of life, if only for a little bit.

I have always been interested in the art of story telling and so I started to write my own. My biggest influences would have to be TV shows and movies because I tend to watch a lot of crime dramas, superhero shows, and I love Supernatural. In the end though I’m just a young daydreamer with hopes of making it big one day doing what I love to do.

A few facts about me

-I have a passion for playing video games, RPGs mostly.

-I have alopecia areata, which means I have no hair anywhere. It's the reason why I'm always wearing a hat.

-I used to be over 300 lbs until I lost weight in my senior year of high school.

-My favorite superhero is Batman because he is a human who can beat all the other superhumans.

-I'm addicted to Reese's pieces.

-My favorite TV show is Supernatural.

-I'm 19% Irish and proud of it! ( told me so)

- I also have a website:

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  The Elemental Conductors
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  Lux et Tenebrae: The Three Siblings
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