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David Miller


I've recently began working in a marketing firm while I'm attending school to become a radiography technician. Though I have no experience in this field I see previews and articles of upcoming movies and I can only think one thing: Hollywood is about out of ideas. Creative writing is a passion of mine and with every idea I write on paper I have an elaborate vision for what it can evolve into. My current situation is about normal for the average 21 year old but my thinking process is far from normal. I have the ability to give such vivid detail on known subject matter that I can mentally place an individual into my vision and I am excellent with viewing the world from perspectives other than my own which is why I have confidence in getting my ideas out in the open.

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  Societal Blackening
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  Children Beyond Damned
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  Tip of the Ferg
Comedy / Adventure / News  
  #Anything For You
Crime / Drama / Romance  

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