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Following college at the University of Missouri and a stint in the U. S. Army, Lee began a fifteen-year newspaper career at the Phoenix Gazette in Phoenix, Arizona. He had more than two thousand news articles and feature stories published in The Gazette during that period with his main work emphasis being government and politics. Lee left the newspaper business to pursue a career in real estate, and still owns a real estate company, Southwestern Homes Realty, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Lee had three novels published during and after his newspaper career, including Gunblaze by Leisure Books; Border Legend by Walker and Company, and Davy Crockett for Dell Publishing Company’s American Explorer series.

Border Legend was expanded to three novels, and the trilogy is currently being published by World Castle Publishing. The first novel, The Tall Man, is available in a Kindle edition and in paperback on Amazon. Books two and three are entitled Spanish Eyes and Rebellion.

He has completed a new historical trilogy, Dangerous Land, which takes place during the Mexican War and the Civil War along the Rio Grande River as the main character build’s the largest cattle ranch in the state’s history.

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