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Jim Chilson


Jim always had an imagination that sometimes got him in trouble. Though he had come in first in his college's screenwriting competition and placed in a large Los Angeles script writing contest, he had to face his fears and go to China and become a fake monk to fight for two American kids who were being chased by absolutely everyone. That was an adventure that was optioned.
And his old job as an advertising copywriter helped him when he became trapped in a tiger's body fighting for survival from poachers in Asia.
But when he thought he had Karma chasing him and had no idea where it was going to pop up, he got a bit rattled. But the thing that shook him to his core was the time he fell in love for the first time in 50 years, with two women. Now that is a love story.

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  Eyes of the Tiger
Adventure / Action / -  
  Shaolin Summer
Action / Adventure / Family  
  The Big Switch
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