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Sometimes you encounter that person that has that one great idea, that one simple formula for success of when opportunity meets preparation. Call me crazy but several of my personal movie log ideas and script outlines come from random dreams that I experience overnight. Can it be divine intervention?

I am a small business owner residing near Nashville Tennessee operating in an “unrelated to entertainment” industry although my major in college was Communications with emphasis on writing for radio and television. Perhaps this is what fuels my subconscience mind to develop story lines.

Many regard me as not only an idea person [as an imagineer] but also a master story teller too as I weave the beginning and ending of my stories together cleverly. I love to develop story lines and scripts that will showcase relationships, inspiration, faith, motivation, family and heritage.

One of my passions in creating movie log ideas stems from “off shoot” sports related historical events.

College Football is filled with so many storied programs, traditions and characters that you may never run out of material to write about. I lived around and researched much of this history and find it not only fascinating historically, but entertaining and engaging as well from a fan perspective.

I was advised once that sports related movies in general do not fair really that well at the box office unless there is emphasis on personal relationships and inspiration, e.g., "The Blind Side" or "We Are Marshall."

As for my primary movie log idea and script outline... What if I told you I created it based on a personal, True Life Daydream Fantasy that every sports nut has pondered at least once?

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