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Salma Hassaballa


Born into a family of multitalented professionals has been the haven for Salma Hassaballa’s creative inspiration and support. Her inquisitive nature was not bound by her engineering education, but rather severed a foundation and bouncing board for all her future endeavors, which has given her work a unique hallmark. Rather than be bound by the rules of her engineering background; she used all the rigid boundaries as spaces that facilitated her artistic endeavors, and it enriched her imagination to allow for her to become both a writer and a film producer.

She has become renowned for having different approached in her writing, including philosophical fiction novels that combine romance with social realism. Having published several books she is a member of the ‘Egyptian Writers’ Union’, and has won a ‘certificate of appreciation’ from the Al Sinary House in Cairo (affiliated with Bibliotheca Alexandria) for her novel “A Return”

“We all have a responsibility to pass what knowledge we acquire and that is all I hope to attain. A chance to share what I have learned, and learn as I go along the way.” Salma Hassaballa

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