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My name is Michael Redrow and I love telling stories and even more important I love telling great stories. I believe that I've always had a knack for it even as a young child. The thing that I didn't realize was that I had the ability to write stories or for that matter write anything at all. It shocks most people when I tell them that I'd rather be writing than doing anything else, however it wasn't always like that- I was a little crazy growing up. Strike that...I was completely crazy growing up, but that is where I summon a lot of my material .
I currently drive a truck for a living and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, my passion is writing and story telling. I have plenty of substance and I plan on establishing myself in this business. My ultimate goal would be to wake up every morning and eat a healthy breakfast and then write for 8-10 hours, instead I go drive a truck for 8-10 hours AND that can be very tiring.
My first rule when it comes to writing is DON'T EVER WRITE TIRED! I feel like I would be dangerous if I could skip that whole truck driving thing for 8-10 hours per day...dangerously good that it is! I'm currently writing a war story(screenplay) and it is a story that has never been covered in any war movie or book to the best of my knowledge. I have told some of my best friends the story and they really love the idea and it's coming along very well...and when I'm finished writing this awesome war story I will simply start another story because that is what I f#cking love to do!
Thanks for reading!

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