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My name is Andrea Gibson. I am 30 years old. I served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army. I've also been a supervisor in a 911 communications center as well as a dispatcher for police and fire departments.

Movies and film are my passion. My screenplay Phantom is registered with the Writer's Guild of America West. I am working on several other screenplays at this time. Every part of movie making from directing to producing to acting to writing the screenplay intrigues me. I'm interested in every aspect of the business. I've been working hard to learn all I can about each prospective role and how to prepare for those roles.

I hope soon movie making will not only be my passion but my career as well. I'm also less than a year away from completing my bachelor's degree in fire science and emergency management. Film making is unique because it gives the writer the ability to bring a magnificent story to life. I look forward to bringing my screenplays to life and sharing them with the world.

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