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Laya Shaikun likens herself to be the "Sookie Stackhouse" of the entertainment industry. She is a business owner's right hand, a psychic for situations and decision making and relates to spiritually crafty creatures. With a background as a writer and performing and recording artist, Shaikun was requested to be a managing partner in entertainment initially with music talent. She was later sought out for partnerships in digital media work with television and film. Currently Ms. Shaikun writes for herself as Listening Beyond Productions, with a niche in spiritual warfare and animal spirits in people (ie: angels, demons, werewolves). She is working on a feature film called "Sole Game" and a television sitcom called "SERVED" in which she is a producer, assistant director, casting, costumes and actress. Ms. Shaikun wants her ideas to be enjoyed by the public and thus presents them on Movie Pitcher so that other talented artists in the industry can bring further contribution and partnership. Ms. Shaikun is a spiritual practitioner and healer with people and animals and has voluntarily and professionally worked in veterinary medicine and in animal shelters for over twenty-five years. Additionally, she spiritually supports families with loved ones in hospice as well as in funeral homes from death to interment.

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  "freakCATzoids" Copyright Registration #TXu 1-977-735
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