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Gage Drozdowski


An enthusiastic power ball of optimism and joy that is so effective it triggers my special effect befuddle(65% chance an individual doesn't even know how to respond to the happiness just poured out on them). I also have the special effect charm(35% chance individual is taken by the handsome gentleman in front of them). I'm a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and I'd love to explain how that works, long story short the average human being has one silent voice in there head I have 7 with an eighth developing. All of the voices in my head are my voice just different variations with there one point of view. Yes that means I look at a scenario 8 different ways before making a decision and I can tell you its quite a tool. I am medicated so the sinister side of it is kept I line and managed but i can still use it to scare the life out of people. I'm a motivated man who just wants to show everyone a beautiful story before the mechanics of my schizophrenia progress to the point where I'm basically in full blown dementia by the time I'm supposed to have a mid-life crisis. I'm a red hot coal of untapped potential waiting for someone to see that and hammer me into the diamond i can be before my mind is lost to my constantly developing insanity. Currently i work two jobs back to back 5 days a week for 18 hours at a time where i do my best to be the best while I pursue my modeling career on my days off. If you could see the movies that play ever so vividly in my head you'd see horror,romance,adventure, and a collaboration of thought processes that have perfect chemistry.

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