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My name is Abdirashid Hassan. I was born in Somalia. I have 6 children and a beautiful wife. The Civil War between the Somali government and the rebels began in 1991. It was at that moment I knew it was not safe to be in my country anymore. We traveled to America in 1992 residing in San Diego, California. I currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota as an inter-cultural community teacher. I speak about different cultures and try to educate the youth about the importance of learning our own culture as well as those around us.
Being in America for the last 20 years has exposed me to many opportunities and access to knowledge I did not have back home. When I think about my homeland, I see poverty, lack of government, and social unjust. I have experienced a lot being here. I've been apart of the large Somali community trying to advocate and teach the youth that they are our future. For me, the ultimate goal is to bring peace back home. I want my children to be able to experience and see where they are rooted from. I want to see my country united.
The Movie Pitcher has given me a platform to share my experiences growing up with the world. I have many more ideas to come and would love the chance to share that with you all.

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