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Born on August 10, 1968 in San Antonio Texas, Paul was the best, one-time Kick-boxer in the world; winning the W.K.A, I.A.B, and I.K.F World Championships. In 1992, he entered professional boxing where he connected with the Byrd family (world class training and world title holders) in Flint, Michigan. Paul went on to earn his Master's degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science. During that same year, he made his professional debut in 1997. He had a brief stint in the conventional pro ranks, but had taken a hiatus in 2006. Realizing what was important in his life, Paul had been given the opportunity to do great things. He became a Creator & Executive producer of his "2nd chance" TV show, and is now able to help other people from all around the world to be Victorious. In 2013, Paul made an appearance on Fox 29 KABB San Antonio, on the show "Kick-in it" with Steve Ashcraft. Steve interviewed Paul and reflected on his reign as the best Kick-boxer and best overall fighter of the World in the early 90s. While shooting the episode, Paul shot a commercial for the sports drink FITAID, as the celebrity endorser ( Paul also made his 1st appearance as an actor in a Television Pilot titled "Boogeyman's Bedtime Stories," Not only is Paul a skilled fighter, actor, entrepreneur, and spokesman, he is also an excellent trainer of boxing and Martial arts. Paul has personally trained NBA stars Sean Elliott and David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs,

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