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I'm Daniel Dorsey 45 yrs of age and live in the Chattanooga,TN. area. I love a variety of music and currently work in the environmental field for the same company for the last 18 yrs and a registered member of Nine9 talent agency for modeling as well as acting. I am very dedicated , determined, full of life type of person who is compassionate about humanity. Starting from a young age i was locked in a historic house that was used as a hospital during the Civil War experiencing terrifying events I've also had more paranormal encounters that lead to researching in the field working with groups learning as much as I could . I then founded my own group with a few people with kindred spirits and began S.R.T as a hobby. After watching paranormal shows on Tv for several years I wrote Paranormal Abductions© including a unique twist of individualism setting my concept apart from all the rest currently on air. As I began showing people my work I was told I really had something good and was advised to apply for a Federal Copyright so I perused the task and was approved. I am constantly coming up with new ideas to achieve my dreams and goals of making what started just a hobby in becoming a lifelong career and way of life.

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