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Hello Team,

I’m a solo act Apple Developer. I’ve always been self employed. I have a concept that doesn’t fit the current app space, except that it uses a phone. The concept is orthogonal to existing revenue schemes. It deals more with growth positive rewards, not paying for anything, but allowing investment as participation. There is no top down thing. Although the concept is configurable to many apps, I have a sure system to gather everyone. Once we have their attention, we have the ability to understand why, not pushing something onto them.

The App:
The feel is the user's WantTo. I want to promote emotion. I want to let go and have them want to return. “Social", is then taken to a new extreme. More eyes on the possibilities, defines new possibilities and the app is just a start. Sometimes it’s good to have a reason to present yourself as a part of a much, much bigger picture. People want to be honest, it’s cheaper in the long run and I just want to eliminate the wait.

My prior experience:
I owned a print shop for 18 years (started in garage), where we were immersed in graphics. I met my wife (she was a typesetter: yes that was a job title at the time). I then sold it to dedicate more family time and got a contractors license while going to school for materials engineering. Then I got hurt, reinvented my drum set, due to physicality, and stumbled into my app ideas. So, I learned the Swift language and jumped in. A year later I joining Apple and worked out proofs of concept into a real app. A year later, after researching the apps market, the Goal is to partner with an established development company for economies of scale with legal/marketing due to the time specific manner of the product. I figure that with the right team, a short period of time and the AppStore, it’s a Go.  There’s a lot of money getting ready to come into this newNormal flat economy. It needs to pass through somewhere and the challenge is making it WantTo.

Thanks for listening. I hope that when it comes time to communicate your future involvement, whether I land here or not, you will remember the app’s initial intent and develop toward that Goal. I wish to make space in the AppMarket, not disrupt it.

See you soon and thanks again,

Bob Glasgow
iOS Guy

Project Resumé

Current Project:
Hi Team,
I created a mobile network that involves masses or crowds. It is patent-pending and holds emotion as an object. People come together in ways not achieved yet. You can't be touched without touching and that is why we need touch or emotion in crowds. We can throw Waves in any crowd and take crowd funding to the limits of the new 'Crowd Sourced Cameras' inherent in the platform.
You are in a restaurant. The family has a photo op while all together, but someone has to take the shot, right? So, you offer your time to take their family pic. Nice of you :-), but here is the point. No-one asked. Flip the circumstance. It still works, but now through the eye of a stranger. That is a shared moment that is an offer of kindness inherent in all of us. Just doing our portion is the premise of the WAVE. 
Though you may not wish to participate, you would not dare keep someone else from sharing of themselves. This is the premise behind 3D-Selfies. It is a group effort, so I put the system into a group mode and gathered willing participants. These are the sharing persons in mass. We can do so much and every advertising sponsor provides reward to the participants that makes the WAVE something special for all involved.
I am not good at descriptions, but the patent stuff posted on LinkedIn explains it in detail. I just want to be able to get crowd funding to work how it was meant to be and I really feel that Interactive Ads are the answer to crowd FUNding.
New things are hard to explain and then all of a sudden everybody knows about it. If you and I can feel this good just imagine what a crowd can do simultaneously from Red Square to Times Square if the message is in common. Well, this is where that starts, sharing.

Past Project:
This project was ejected from my music app due to need of greed :-) Actually, I received a request to “Show Me The Money”. So, I stripped out the WAVE.

Future Project:
Put the WAVE back into the music app and change the music industry as we know it.

I learned the Swift language through iTunes and the Apple developer materials.

I have been buried in theWave Project for 3 years and my support base gave me the confidence to reach out to all that may listen to the next Fun things.

I have always been self employed and still have the contractor’s license, but construction forensics only goes so far and I needed to re-invent my drum set into an app.

Had a print shop for 18 years and started in my garage.

Married with one daughter. Those two are my biggest fans and to them I grow while from them I reflect. Nothing beats honest communication, right?

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