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Sarah Taylor


I grew up in the mountains of Tennessee. I am fifty years old. I have been married for thirty one years and I have two sons and a granddaughter. I love to write fiction. 'It Had To Be Fate' is my first published novel and I think the book will make two great movies. The first movie will be about how the characters meet and survive the mission by risking their lives for each other, which I gave the working title 'The Eagle's Claw'. The second movie will be David and John returning to Vietnam to rescue Olivia from a ruthless North Vietnamese Colonel which I would give the working title 'Bonds Of War'. I would like to see my book as movies I think a well written script and great special effects it would be an unforgettable movie. My paying job is taking care of people with disabilities but if you would like for me to write ' The Eagle's Claw ' script I am willing to invest in movie script software to do that with.

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