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Aaron Carter


A chef, a pianist, a father, a failure, human to say the least. I am half south African and half Greek, i was born with a rare heart disease that has given me 2 heart attacks before the age of 30. Ive been shot through the knee and stabbed twice in the back, but ive brought one of the most beautiful little girls the sun has seen into the world. Unfortunately, my years of lying and smooth talking women came back to haunt me and karma was employed. The mother of my child found out i was saving up money to get half year custody , her and her mother coached my daughter i to saying i did horrible things to her. Like tossing gasoline into a fire i have been spurred on to create and work tirelessly to earn the funds to get my daughter back. I live in a small town in Missouri but ive lived in over 5 major cities. I graduated from FISK in Nashville TN and in the same year lost my home, studio, car and dog to the flood in 2010. These days i am still in cardiac therapy trying to pass a stress test monthly to be cleared just to have sex with my girlfriend. Her contribution of stress from no sex is like strips of bacon to my arteries but without her i have nowhere to go. I am what they call a hobosexual. My days are spent writing and rewriting, i recieve $400 a month dedicating it all to my daughter and my household. I am hoping for a blessing with my ideas. Im sure that if 1 or 2 of them are read and processed in the right minds, bringing them to life would inspire and stimulate the world in a new way. Im not sure how much longer i have here on earth but i have to go all out and try to leave something here from my spirit that will touch others long after ive left this crumbling temple.

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  Illuminaughty: An Audio Engineers Infiltration of the Illuminati
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  Task of the Treants
Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Action  
  How "Not" To Love A Crazy Bitch
Drama / Comedy / Romance  

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