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Gina Marie Rivera-Giandalia


After years of sexual abuse, a young woman protects herself by fighting back, but ultimately it causes her life in prison.
A Woman in a Man's World
Empowerment, Motivation, Inspiration
A young child who had to overcome many adversities and challenges in life. Life would make her a fighter and a survivor, a true thriver no matter what. She was born into poverty and was so poor that when she was a baby her first crib was a dresser drawer.
Living with a very physically abusive father, her mother has to flee and take her and her brother when she was just a toddler to hide in a small town and raise her children. She raises her children in a small town, in a one bedroom, roach infested, mouse infested condemned apartment. Not only did Gina have to grow up in poverty, on welfare, but she also had to grow up in fear and abuse of every kind, including sexual abuse. The sexual abuse began when Gina was just a baby from a family member, her uncle. One day after enduring years and years of sexual, psychological and emotional abuse Gina decided to take control of her life again and she turned that fear into fuel and stopped her abuser! She did not know self defense at all nor how to defend or protect herself but she trusted her gut, her vibe, her instincts, her survival instincts and being only a teenager she stopped her uncle from abusing and raping her. She used the only thing that she had at that time to defend herself which were her young teenage hands and she squeezed, twisted, pulled, yanked and turned his male private part (penis) so hard that he had to release her and let her go. Later as an adult during her career in one of the most notorious prisons in Southern California Gina does what no other female alive today has done, she saves her male partner, co-worker who was being severely assaulted and attacked by two maximum security prison inmates by fighting not one but both of them off by herself, but only after they ran after her and began severely assaulting and attacking her for helping her male partner! Gina fights both of the male inmates off alone while she was trapped in a housing unit with 200 inmates walking around the building! She pulls her male partner out of danger with one arm and continues to fight off the inmates and drags him out to safety. She not only stopped the assault she subdued both of the inmates alone!

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  A Woman in a Man's World
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