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Andrew Webb


When Andy was 25 , he had the chance to buy his own small house in Surrey UK . Upon moving in Andy had no idea that it was built on a plot of land where the most unspeakable events happened 26 years earlier . The previous owner left the house as a matter of urgency thus leaving it immediately vacant .
Three years later the property erupted into a volcano of paranormal activity as it was built on the site of an old doctors surgery that was used as a meeting HQ for an occult spiritualist circle . Despite these paranormal events , he lived at this address for almost 20 years . During this time Andy gained hands on experience with paranormal haunting activity good enough to write a superb original thriller novel . His story is shocking enough to worry the most toughest of men . Andy is the logistics manager for a cargo company at London Heathrow Airport .
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His story was a main feature in a national UK
magazine last May .

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  The Armour Of Light Original Supernatural Thriller
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