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Chandrakantha Natekar


As a child, when I started studying the ABC of science, I realized that all the stellar and non-stellar bodies of the universe and their constituents, including the human mind, are made up of matter, but matter always functions in tune with nature. This inspired me to investigate The Grand unified Truth that governs the universe.

In 1994, at the time of powerful transforming experience of detachment I came to know that the world is electromagnetic in character and every mind can function like a radio station. Inspired by this vision, I dedicated myself to observations and study on the electromagnetic behavior pattern of the universe as it encompasses both matter and mind.

After manifold observations and study, nature has revealed to me the underlying Truth associated with the cosmic creation. This clairvoyant occurrence of the psyche facilitated me to complete ‘Nucleus of the Absolute – The Book of Future’ associated with the past, present and future movements of human psyche in tune with nature. Even the Hollywood Sci-Fi movie project, 'The Final Destiny – Buddha’s Supernatural Journey into Future' is also an outcome of all these spiritual wonders of the inner.

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  The Final Destiny - Buddha’s Supernatural Journey into Future
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