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I'm 20 years old, ever since I was a kid I dreamed of having my own tv show. Growing up with Asperger's it was difficult for me to make friends so I'd often spend hours and hours studying cryptids and unknown creatures but I'd be laughed at by my peers who thought I was crazy for bealieving in them and then they laughed further when they found out I wanted to run my own tv show. I was always the kind of guy to take a chance I never gave up on ANYTHING even if it seemed impossible to achieve I was a determined and ambitious individual as a kid and this grew as I got older even my parents weren't supportive of me pitching a show with my dad doubting saying online colledges and online film companies were a scam but I didn't listen as I had a dream and I was and am determined to make it happen.
I was in AP classes since 5th grade with speciality in urban legends.
Eventually I met Steve ( my best friend) Steve and I we bonded over our love of the paranormal & talent with acting.
We went on to make a two person team of urban legend hunters, gaining significant experience within the first years and continued to do cases.

Just like When I was a kid if I had a dream I let NOBODY AND NOTHING stop me from realizing my dreams ( like making a paranormal team) I was so determined that I managed to get multiple doctorate degrees in relating to the supernatural and occult, then managed to get into acting at the town theatre and always was the lead role every time in 9000 plays, and I was asked to help in many YouTube movies which I was the star of 90,000 of them, and after years of reaserch I found where I knew my dream would be one step further ( with the support of my roommate, best friend, and team mate Steve) I pitched my idea to them and thus became one step further to reaching my end goal..

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