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Deborah DeNicola


I'm a nationally-awarded (Individual Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts) poet/writer and college prof at the moment. I've published 6 collections of poetry and a memoir. When I owned a small, independent bookstore in Maine in the 1980's I had a heartbreak that left me dysfunctional and devastated. During this time I had a strange experience where I seemed to fall through a crack in the reality matrix which was followed by an increased interest in metaphysics and paranormal psychology. I was also having very meaningful dreams and began studying dream work with a Jungian psychologist. Many synchronicities occurred thereafter. Years later I moved to Boston and after a workshop in Holotropic Breath Work my third eye opened and I began having visions. I was called to three trips which help me put my experiences in perspective. I've written a memoir, published in 2009 which brought me kicking and screaming into the New Age movement. I now practice The Course in Miracles and teach the Law of Attraction as well as work with clients on their dreams using an inter-active imaginative technique. I think I have an important message for people about the awakening/enlightenment process and would like to reach a larger audience.

I feel my story could be utilized in a dramatic film or a documentary. I'm willing to share the descriptions of my experiences and allow a film maker license to take it in whatever direction seems do-able and appealing.

My own "ascension" process is ongoing and where I don't think I have all the answers, I do believe that our entire contemporary way of viewing reality and how the world works (for lack of a better phrase) is mistaken. I do know that this planet is moving into higher consciousness and its denizens need to be made aware that we cannot continue on the present course of business as usual if we are to survive the earth changes and the new frequencies. We must raise our vibrations in sync with the earth and we have a lot of mistaken beliefs. I would hope that a film maker might have the imagination to turn my story into a valuable inspiration. I've lived a lot of dark moments in my life from my father's overdose and death when I was an adolescent to difficulties in relationships with men. The book is about my healing but it is also a guide for others.

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