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My name is Callie Page. My husband and I, have purchased a church from the early 1800's and are restoring it for a store front. We own a business making furniture out of old barns from the mid Missouri area. We have had this business for 5 years and have quite a following for our product but also for our entrepreneurial mindsets. We have a lot of friends, family members and friends of friends that call us the "business" people. We certainly aren't experts and don't know why people seek our advice, but it seems that mostly people just want to dream a little and we are a safe place to do so.
We are dreamers and I think we attract other dreamers. We find joy in living life for the pure excitement of it. We tend to not get too tied up in all of the noise of the world and we certainly don't worry too much about our bank account.
Our lives are an open book and we pride ourselves on encouraging others to dream a little bigger and dig a little deeper.
Brad and I and our 4 children run our business collectively and enjoy every minute of it. We have our squabbles and we aren't anywhere near perfect, but our goal is always to be happy and to reach for big things. Nothing is too crazy of an idea in our family. We like crazy and we welcome it. :)

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