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The name is Justin Lei-Sam and I am a Samoan American born in a small Island of Samoa and raised in America for the past 22 years. I am currently a technical advisor and product representative for our men and women in uniform. We field and train military personnel on combat equipment, weapon systems and ground systems. Theres nothing Iike traveling the world and meeting our military and government personnel and train them in machines that kills the bad guys :)

I am married with 4 crazy kids whom I love depending on the day and time. My wife is an officer in the Airforce working at the Pentagon. We live in Virginia and 15 minutes from the crazy guy who runs our country!

I can honestly say I am unique when it comes to ideas in movies, tv shows and business. I am a serious entertainment Critic in my own mind. I have an idea for a hit show!” It is a TV comdey series and it is called “Life in the City” “LIFE IN THE CITY”

A Comedy Series about a group of college friends who inherited a successful business in advertisement. Josh Kaylen of “Kaylen Enterprise” inherited the company from his Grandfather who left him his entire inheritance including his company, mansions and even an island in the Bahamas. His college friends Kate Jennings, Laura Johnson, Matt Tinsel and Ahman Annan all came together to help him run the company.

The company’s headquarter’s is based in the heart of New York City where they also share the same penthouse at the 15 Central Park West. The company is also full of mixed personality from funny guy Jake Tabber aka Little Jake from accounting, Michael Dontel aka Fat Mike from Sales and sexy, mysterious and self centered Britney Jones also known by the office as Hitler’s Twin! Her personality destroys the mood every time she opens her mouth!

CEO Josh Kaylen is a tall, rugged, good looking, intelligent, rich kid who has everything in the world. He does however have one big major problem, he is afraid of confrontation. He spends his time pleasing others just to avoid arguments. His Father who distanced himself since he found out his own father gave everything to his son instead of him is the complete opposite of Josh. His father Retired purple heart Colonel Brad Kaylen is an American hero and a hard-ass who was missing from Josh’s life because of all his deployments and missions during his time in the Military. Their relationship is sketchy considering the fact that Josh won’t confront his Father on how he truly feels.

His secretary and cousin Penny
Absorbed with lack of motivation, kindness and rude to her piers and especially Josh. Unfortunately because she is family and that her Mom asked Josh to hire her as favor, He will have to put up with her for time being. She is however very funny and can be forgiving at times.

His College Friends

Kate Jennings is a brilliant MBA graduate, top of her class who Josh trusts to run his company as his Chief Financial Officer. She is extremely intelligent and sweet. She is however in love with Josh but she lacks the confident to tell him.

Matt Tinsel is known for his funny but smart remarks on everything. He is a big guy who never takes anything seriously but he always manages to keep his friends entertain. A math wiz but lazy worker who uses a lazy boy as a desk chair. Did I mention he had a hidden fridge in his chair?

Ahman Annan is the super thin indian guy who they nick name the playa. A born salesman who can sell a cheap ball point pen for two hundred bucks! Lets just say he is that good at what he does!

Laura Johnson aka Blah blah is manipulative, straight forward, picky, self centered and did I mentioned she was hot? I guess thats how she gets away with it and Josh lets her get away with everything. Did I mention she has a crush on his dad?

Josh’s Dad Brad Kaylen

A man with a few words. Tall, handsome and very well know with the ladies. He has a rare sense of humor and can frighten a man just by looking at him. He loves his Son but will not confront Josh for reasons only he knows.

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