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Born and raised in Hawaii, I taught for a decade with the Department of Education in Honolulu where I was an Elementary School Teacher. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, as well as a Minor in Art from the University of Hawaii, Manoa ('85).

I was more than inspired by the students in my class to write this story, especially the small handful that filtered through my room every year, those that struggled in the normal classroom environment. They were all an inspiration for my novel "Jus' Plain Ole Daisy" and the more contemporary script for screen “Strange and Inexplicable Events of Elliot Finley," both a tribute to each and every person who face challenges to overcome. I also know the feeling well.

I look forward to retiring soon so that I might continue to write and illustrate for the industry. I am currently designing a project for lower elementary children, a series of episodes much like Maurice Sendak's "Little Bear" that educate children about the colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV) starring a little family of dragons, each representing a color, i.e., Brother Tornado dragon (grandson's character brainstorm) has decided he loves to eat things that are red, and wipes out the entire village farms of all the red edibles. When he hears from his mother that a thief has robbed the farmers of their red fruits and vegetables and are now starving, he must figure out a way to return the goods to the hungry in the stealth of night so as not to be discovered.

The next episode stars his sister, Unicorn dragon (grandaughter's brainstorm) who exploits all things orange,

I look forward to the time I can invest in the fun of this industry!

Pamela Mokihana Oakland Hebert

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