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Siobhan E. McKendrick


What can you say about this resilient gal who hasn't stopped trying to fulfil her dreams, no matter what knocks life threw at her? Well you could say she's a resilient gal who hasn't stopped trying... and you'd be right, because that's what she is! Her life is like an MoW, and possibly could end up being turned into a MoW - a disabled father, a mentally ill mother, an abusive brother, bullied at school, she suffered a breakdown in her mid-teens...

She began writing in her late teens, initially trying her hand at novels, she quickly gave up and started writing screenplays. By her mid 20s she'd written 6 feature length screenplays, and had an agent - who turned out to be a conman. He pitched her material around Hollywood and never followed up on any of the feedback he received. A weekend visit to his home revealed that he had over 280 clients, also owned a record label, ran a mail order business AND had a full-time job. And only one secretary who dealt with all aspects of his empire. He was immediately fired.

During his tenure he'd almost sold one of her screenplays and had a TV series looking to interview her for a staff writing position, but he'd failed to pursue either of these leads.

Subsequently she put her work online and several producers expressed interest in her work. One offered to purchase one screenplay, but their company went bankrupt before the deal went through. Another company was interested in her material, but felt her location left them with no option but to say "no"...

Her father's health started to fail, and knowing that her mother wouldn't look after him, she stayed home to care for him from 1994 till his death in 2010. Shortly thereafter her mother developed dementia and was eventually admitted to a Home in 2013. During that time her writing aspirations had to take a back seat, but in 2012 she started writing again.

Currently she is working on spec TV projects, she has 14 pilot proposals (for 1 hour dramas and 30 min sit-coms) and is working on the pilot scripts for each of them.

Main writer on webseries THE HUNT, in production as of June 2015, due to air online circa September 2015

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