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The founder and author of the Haynes Innovation, LLC and the Science Fiction character named James Owens A.K.A. MINDBOGLER. From Seattle, WA. of the Pacific Northwest. I am self-employed Solo or Entreprenure team up with a group of production team ( Which I credit) in Los Angeles, California by organization called Video Animation INC. at Wilshire. Currently I have a trailer that was being developed by the production team building my website which is (COPY and PASTE):

It's also traffiking by different user to checkout the trailer that also contains four social media platforms on the side of the blue box of the website. You can also watch the animated trailer on YouTube (COPY and PASTE):

to get a glimpse before the episode begins hopefully in mid or late April of 2020. This is first intruiging appearance before he becomes MINDBOGLER. I've done tons of stories about James Owens ( Loglines, Synopsis, and ect..) which will also be featured from the website in the near of Haynes Innovation, LLC.

My book here on Amazon:

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