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Malcolm Jones


I have a background in music education and business administration. However, as a hobby, I write horror screenplays on the amateur level. Screenwriting has been somewhat of a closeted passion of mine since I was a teenager, and over the years, I have written and developed many horror ideas.
As an avid fan of the horror genre, I have always dreamed of writing a horror film that pulls from elements of the '80's slasher genre and the suspenseful, supernatural elements of today's thrillers. I want to bring something new and fresh to the table where horror is concerned while staying true to the genre. How do I want to go about this? I want to make efforts to stray from many of the cliche horror tropes by incorporating realistic and believable elements into my stories and plots while paying homage to the creepy, atmospheric elements of the horror classics. My ultimate dream is to create a truly terrifying film that will leave the audience haunted and talking about it years later.

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  Wexford Stranger
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  In Retrograde
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