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Marcus Rodriguez (Tim Smith – Nom de Plume) is Chief Operating Officer of Grammarye Media, Inc., an Atlanta based cross-media studio — complete with content development, production, and distribution. Marcus is a Wall Street veteran with over 24+ years of experience working with Hedge Funds, Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisors. He has advised and participated in numerous start-up Fin-Tech companies over his career. Mr. Rodriguez acted in the capacity of President, CCO, COO, FINOP for numerous firms over his career including Chicago Securities, Global-American Investments and Direct Access Brokerage. Mr. Rodriguez sculpted broker-dealers to accommodate memberships/permits on all principal US equities exchanges as well as facilitate commodities futures memberships. He also implemented participation on all of the relevant ECNs/ATS and Dark Pools to facilitate and maximize the efficiency of the broker-dealer’s trading activities. Mr. Rodriguez established Portfolio Margin programs as well as MPID Aggregation to fully participate in the tier structure under the maker-taker model.

Mr. Rodriguez’s efforts were instrumental in the firms he worked for executing over $900 billion dollars in equities transactions from 2009 to 2011 representing approximately 2% of the entire US equities trading volume at that time and more recently 2011-2014 approximately $400mm+ per diem. Mr. Rodriguez oversaw the execution, settlement and clearance of all equities and derivatives transactions for self-clearing broker-dealers. Mr. Rodriguez played a key role in evaluating algorithmic trading strategies utilizing statistical arbitrage, pairs trading and other quantitative methods. Marcus’s hobbies include creative writing, collecting/researching historical financial documents, crypto-currency mining and alternative investments.

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