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Eugene Barnes


I would read anything that I could get my hands on from my early childhood, including comic books. My brothers and I read first editions and had them in our possession for many years until we left home and forgot about them. I was amazed at the plethora of writers who could bring to us a new perspective of our universe and how man interacted as a whole. Having been raised in the church, I was always curious how our lives intersected with the scriptures and our biblical teachings shaped humanity. Chained in Darkness is my attempt to bring context to a biblical perspective, a context that the layperson could easily understand. We must remember that behind every myth, there may lie a bit of truth behind every myth. I am an artist, activist, author, and past board president of National People's Action and was invited to the White House in 2010 for the signing of the Financial Reform Bill in holding banks accountable.

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