Funny Pitching Questions

Just Some of The Funniest Questions We Had

Funny Pitching Question

Every day our support team is bombarded with hundreds of questions, most of them legitimate and to the point. But every once in a while, we get questions, requests and some pre-pitching ideas that really make our job so much more interesting – or not. This blog post is dedicated to our support team, to help them blow out some steam. So here it goes:

A while ago, I was in the shower and as usual, I also make acts in front of the bathroom mirror. Usually acts of I as world leader, revolutionist, genius and so on. While doing that, I got this great idea for a movie that I believe its story line if projected in the right way can be one hell of a great movie. 
I have not written a script or neither can I write one, but I sure can paint a great mental picture of my idea. 
I will be awaiting a response from you.

I don’t leave in the US, am I a US citizen?

If I pitch a movie idea about a guy who pitched a movie idea through you guys will you ensure that my idea gets sold?

I’m a 23 year old film student and they tell us that the best ideas stem from personal experiences. My life is pretty boring, can you help me?

I have submitted 11 ideas and I got offers for tow of them. I just received a check from you, can you please tell me which idea this money is for?

I have purchased the start pitching package and I left all the fields blank. You have contacted me several times to “help” me submit my idea correctly. The problem is that this IS my idea. Its a TV show about nothing. If you don’t get it, how can you even review it or even worse pitch it?

If I purchase the start pitching package more than once for the same idea does it increase my chances of getting it sold?

Hi, my name is **** and I’m contacting you on behalf of my mother ***** ********. I kindly ask you to verify that her movie idea does not qualify since she is 100% computer illiterate and I cannot do this on her behalf any longer.

08/05/2013 4:32pm: I would like a full refund. Not only the bird seeds that you sold me killed most of my birds, the rest of them seem to have severe diarrhea.

08/05/2013 4:34pm: why are you not responding? did you try those seeds?

08/05/2013 4:35pm: SORRY, wrong chat 🙂



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