How can I pitch my movie to Hollywood

How can I pitch my movie to Hollywood

Pitching a movie in a marketplace like Hollywood is an art that requires skills, connections, tactics, solid background, timing and above all a good idea. If you know some people in the industry, you can try to have them promote your idea or screenplay or even arrange an appointment with one of the Hollywood executives. The fact though remains that we live in a era of specialization and procedures, without which, it is impossible to achieve great things.

In order to better understand what is meant by specialization and procedures, lets consider a food industry success story analogy. Why does one person with a good chicken recipe go global while another person with an equally good recipe doesn’t? One can observe very clear and standard patterns when it comes to global chains and it is what enables them to offer the same quality of service while increasing their output.

Specialization Employees at fast food chains only work on one or two things at most. Either they put the chicken in the frying pan or they take orders. To be more precise, if we trace back the process of preparing a meal, the same company has a group of employees at a different location whose sole responsibility is to cut cabbage for the coleslaw. Despite how borring this may sound, all they have to do all day is to clean and cut the cabbage. This is the only way that the chain can supply enough coleslaw in time to suffice for the demand.

Procedures The same employees that are responsible for the cabbage, have clear procedures that they need to follow in order to do their job right. Things like, wear gloves and a hair net before they start their shift, place the cabbage in the grinding machine and press the red button. The clearer the procedures, the less room for error, delays and consequently  the less the chance there is that the product will not be delivered on time and up to standard quality.

In the film industry, If you specialize in idea development or writing screenplays, it would be very unlikely that you specialize in pitching, promoting, and producing those screenplays. There is a lot of competition when it comes to movie or TV show ideas and you should not sell yourself short by either waisting your creative writing time on unfamiliar tasks or, even worse, not choosing the best way to promote your work. Stick to what you do best and choose associates specialize in delivering the rest.

How to pitch your movie to Hollywood? The best advice anyone can give you is to hire someone that specializes in doing just that and has mastered the procedures of getting the pitch through to the right people. Who you choose to trust is a decision that only you can make but we do have a couple of tips:

  • Look for a company, not an individual. A company is more likely to be successful especially if it is a mainstream provider.
  • Don’t spend too much. If you find a mainstream company, they probably have economies of scale so their price will be very competitive.
  • Avoid exclusivity agreements. You don’t want to get tied up in one place.
  • Hire more than one companies. If the price is low, you might consider hiring one or more companies for the pitch.

Last but not least, we encourage you to try our pitching service and see if it is right for you.

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  1. Hello
    How can I pitch my script to Hollywood ?
    Thank You

  2. Admin
    February 22nd

    Hello Abdolhai,

    If you have a screenplay, you need to follow the exact same process as with submitting an idea. want to submit your project to be registered, reviewed and promoted, please proceed with the Start Pitching Package found at:

    Once you place your order, we will guide you through on how to submit your all information. You will have to fill out a form with a log-line and a synopsis of your screenplay and please make sure to select the option “I have a screenplay” so that we can attach it to your project.

    To get an idea of what is expected, please see the sample completed form at:

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