Once You Submit It

How It Works

How does the review process work?

When you submit your idea, you will get an instant confirmation of your idea registration in our database. Your project is then forwarded to our creative executives that will start the review. You can add any additional information you want to attached to the idea such as artwork or a screenplay if you have one.

Once the review is complete, usually within a week, a creative executive will send you feedback. The review will emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of the idea, and the idea will be either approved to be pitched, or declined. In some cases we’ll reach out with a question asking for clarification or possible recommendations that could improve the pitch-ability of your idea.

In case we recommend alterations to your idea in order to be able to pitch it, you can make those changes to your pitch. Upon the completion of the review, we start promoting your movie or TV show idea to studios, networks an production companies.


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