How To Pitch A Movie

How To Pitch A Movie

If you are looking to sell your movie to Hollywood, either to a network, studio, or production company, the process is relatively simple.

Most people believe that selling a movie depends on the development stage of the movie. The fact is that no matter how far along you’ve come, it does not make a real difference in the pitching process. Consider the following movie development stages:

Idea Development: This would be a solid idea for a movie expressed as a log line, synopsis or executive summary

Screenplay Development: If you have written a screenplay based on your idea.

Production Development: This includes pre-production and post production where you have actually managed to produce your movie.

Whether you are in the Idea Development stage or the Production Development stage, you have the same chance of successfully selling your idea. Producing your own movie will only help improve your chances if the production process has helped you better define your idea but that’s pretty much all you are gaining. Hollywood decision makers are mostly interested in the idea itself and a good idea is more than enough to have a successful pitch.

If your objective is to sell an already made movie to a network, please read How To Get A Distribution Deal For A Movie.

If you are at the Idea Development stage, you will need the following three things:

1)   Register your idea under your name. The registration certificate includes a timestamp and it acts as proof that you have submitted the idea on that specific date. It is the first step in securing your idea.

2)   Have your idea reviewed by a creative expert to possibly improve the presentation. As your main goal is to sell the movie, your pitch is the first thing producers will look at and it is the most important decisive factor for receiving an offer. The purpose of an expert review is to help you by giving you an analysis of the pros and cons of your pitch, pinpoint what can be improved and help you update your pitch to increase your chances. Creative experts will look at your idea as an experienced producer would and will look far beyond the concept that might be a winner, to things like production cost and other factors that might be prohibitive for the sale of the idea.

3)   Hire a professional company to promote it on your behalf and get you the best possible offer. You might have a golden idea but it doesn’t make you the best sales person. It’s hard enough selling a brilliant idea as is, so when it comes to increasing your chances, hiring a company that does this for a living increases your chance of success and saves you a lot of time, money and effort.

You can have all the above done individually but we do offer the Start Pitching Package that includes all of the above.

If you have written a screenplay, you will still need to the same procedure but you should choose “I have a screenplay” option in the Start Pitching Package order form. This will ensure that our executives will promote your screenplay along with your idea.

We recommend reading the How It Works section to better understand the process of successfully selling your movie to Hollywood.

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