Are you a book author?

Why sell just a book when you can sell the story?

You’ve done the hard work, let us do the rest.

If you have a novel, you can sell your story to studios and networks while still retaining the rights of your book. We have streamlined the process for book authors to submit their concepts directly to Hollywood. All you need is the Start Pitching Package and you can expose your story to the right people at the right time.

You don’t need a screenplay to sell your story, all you need is a log-line and a synopsis. Production companies are looking for ideas and if they like your concept, it is very easy for them to convert your book into a screenplay. Your book gives you a distinct advantage as the story is already laid out and ready to develop.

Every book author knows the fierce competition and the marketing struggle behind selling a book. And while self publishing and ebooks are gradually taking over the market, nothing seems to change for the vast majority of authors. With more than 99% of writers having a day job, and with millions of books published each year, the bottom line is that the future remains grim.

Even if you have a great novel, marketing a book is hard and blocks any chance of success. Pitching a concept on the other hand, opens the door for your book to become a movie as well as a best seller.

All you need to do is to complete your order and our staff will guide you through our simple step by step process!

Start Pitching Now

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You will not be asked to submit your idea during the order process. We will contact you shortly after your order is complete via email, with step by step instructions on how to submit your idea.

To see a sample story idea submission form click here.

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