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Creator Pages is a brand new feature released by MoviePitcher that aims at increasing the exposure of both projects as well as creators like you. This feature is offered absolutely free to all our members and it helps producers find more information about you and your active projects.

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Who gets a Creator Page?

All our members get their own creator page as long as they have at least one active project. When you sign up with a Start Pitching Package, you will have your own profile page with your unique URL address.

Can I use my creator link to promote my page to producers?

Yes, you have your own unique URL for your profile page and you can use it to showcase your work and promote your projects. Don’t forget to Like your page as it makes it more popular amongst search results.

Are my projects public now?

No, your projects are 100% private and protected, as they were when you signed up with MoviePitcher. The only information displayed publicly are the project titles, types and genres. No information regarding your concept that can be adopted is disclosed to the public.

Is MoviePitcher my agent and can I forward interested producers to my page?

MoviePitcher is not an agent, as we do not hold exclusive rights for promoting your project. We do represent you though so you can forward any interested parties to your page. Our executives will communicate with interested parties on your behalf and assist in the potential negotiation of the project.

How can I update my Creator Page?

All you need to do is add your biography and a profile picture. You can do this by logging into your account and going to Edit Account Details. You can add your biography and enter your Facebook ID for your picture.
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How to sign up

In order to have a Creator Page, you will first need to submit a project through the Start Pitching Package below.

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