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MoviePitcher has offered Maria Xenidou the amount of $38,000 as option money for her 3D Animation feature film idea Socrates & Soc while managing to attach her screenplay to the project. The idea was undertaken by the synonymous (Socrates & Soc LTD) production company formulated to produce the project along side with Ministry of Illusion, a state of the art South African based animation company. Through MoviePitcher’s efforts, Barry Cook (17 year Disney writer and director known for Mulan, Beauty and the Beast) was attached to the project as co-writer and director.

About the Project

Title: Socrates & Soc – The Adventure Begins

Log-Line: Two identical boys of the same age, with the same name, coming from the same city but from different centuries (456 BC and 2004 AD), trade places with the use of a magical ancient piece of marble. One of the boys happens to be the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. A look into the past and the present through the eyes of two 12-year old boys. Experiences of ancient life-style. Breath-taking, humorous and adventurous situations.

Synopsis: A witty, breathtaking, and educational adventure, Socrates & Soc takes a look into the past and present through the eyes of two ten-year-old boys who trade places with the help of an ancient piece of marble with magical properties. The duo may be from different centuries, 460 BC and 2004 AD, but by chance they share the same name and hail from the same city in Greece, and what’s more, one of the boys happens to be the ancient philosopher Socrates. What happens to him in 2004? As a boy, he implements his philosophical ideas as a way of life, and author Maria Xenidou portrays him as shrewd, intelligent, and wise. Employing the dialectic method, he continually poses questions to invoke people into thinking about situations and issues, and after deduction, their own conclusions are exactly what the boy said in the first place. Some things just don’t make any sense to him, but there’s nothing complicated about one of the greatest minds experiencing for the first time fizzy drinks and burping! What happens to Soc in 460 B.C.? Witnessing the ancient Olympic Games, he has a chance to explore the ancient world, which he discovers is surprisingly liberal and advanced in ways he never expected. Without TV and Wii, Soc has a hard time adjusting to a life full of physical activities and mishaps. He learns to appreciate real things and gradually becomes addicted to a more natural way of life. A mystical and compelling story for ages five to twelve, the book is peppered with humor, steeped in ancient Greek philosophy, and guaranteed to equally amuse and amaze older readers.

About the Author

Maria Xenidou - Author of Socrates & SocBorn in 1953 on Christmas day in Nicosia, Cyprus, Maria Xenidou is deeply interested in psychology and has always found pleasure in painting, playing music, and writing. She was the artist in her family, and her friends and family describe her as a highly creative, amusing, and sensitive person. With a successful professional background in the field of nutrition and cosmetology, Xenidou has never given up on her inner calling. Her inherent communication skills and her great love of children inspired her to write Socrates & Soc. She strives to share the knowledge she acquired and the experience she gained over the years as a mother, and more recently as a grandmother, through her books.

“I first signed up thinking I have nothing to loose and when I got the offer I just couldn’t believe it. I have started this project 13 years ago and despite my hard work, I haven’t managed to realize my true vision of it that was always along the lines of Shreck and Finding Nemo. Finally I can see my dream come true and I sencerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have done it with out you.”

Maria Xenidou, Writer


Recent Projects:

When I was growing up, I really wanted to write a great story that will not only appeal to the public but to critics as well. I wanted to be like Tony Gilroy and Francis Ford Coppola who have created some of the best masterpieces in Hollywood. I have my ideas, but I don’t know how to sell it. MoviePitcher has become my weapon for achieving my dreams. In just a few simple steps, I was able to sell my idea for $7,000! Now, I’m already working on my next movie pitch that I can submit to other Hollywood execs!

– James Walter


I am extremely pleased for the help of MoviePitcher in selling my idea. I just presented them my original idea, they reviewed it, and the next thing I know, they have already pitched my idea to one of the biggest film studios in the country for $17,000! I couldn’t be happier! Thank You guys for the amazing experience that you have given me!

– Karen Roberts


Selling your idea to a network, production, or studio company is a game of chance. Lucky for me, MoviePitcher was there to help me throughout the process. They have access to agencies, studios, and companies that those of us who don’t have connections in the industry might not otherwise have. So far, half of my works are gaining positive responses. Definitely worth the money! Well done!

– Peter Johnson


Kudos to MoviePitcher for a job well done! They have spent extra time to review the screenplay that I have submitted. Their creative involvement has helped me determine the strengths and weaknesses of my story. I really appreciate their recommended alterations on my ideas as it helped improved its pitch ability. Because of this, I received awesome results!

– John Martin


MoviePitcher is the best company to trust if you want your ideas or screenplay to be sold as its highest value! Its Start Pitching Package suits my needs well. Within 2 months after I register and submitted by idea, they already have it reviewed by one of their Hollywood creative experts and pitched to major Hollywood executives for $140,000! I’m really impressed! Thank you for the great job!

– Samantha Gomez


I strongly recommend MoviePitcher to everyone trying to break in Hollywood! I would never have sold any of my ideas to the Hollywood film industry if it wasn’t for their help. For just a minimal charge of $39, I have already registered my idea to their database and have it reviewed. Plus, they also attached A-list actors and pitch my idea to studios on my behalf; all of these at NO extra cost! I will definitely hire the company again!

– Chris Bennett


MoviePitcher does not only help me sell my ideas but also gives me the chance to write excellent scripts that would appeal and catch the interest of Hollywood studios as well as producers and other executives. They have done an exceptional job in polishing my work that I was able to sell it for $2,500! Until now I still can’t believe that my idea will cost that much! This has been a superb experience!

– David Franco

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